My 1st Blog Post: My Name is Jen & I’m a Book Addict

3.15.10 at 4:10 AM (Books)

Alrighty…let me give this a whirl.  As I’ve noted in the “About Me” page, this is my first blog.  I recently decided I needed a new way to spend my free time–scratch that, a more productive way to spend my free time.   I mean I love reading, but some nights I find myself falling asleep holding my book up and then being jolted awake when it smacks into my face a few minutes later.  And that mostly happens when it’s fairly early in the evening.  Staring at a computer screen, on the other hand, is something I can do for considerably longer before sleep threatens to take me to the land of nod.

So…moving on.  I have a problem–don’t worry, I think it’s a good problem.  Not even a problem.  More of a dilemma.  See problem implies negative, and I would say that dilemma could looked at as being either positive or negative.  So, my dilemma?  Book shopping.  Yes, when it comes to books, I can never place a cap on the amount I buy.  My name is Jen and I am a Book Addict.

A trip to Barnes & Noble for one book always, and I mean always, leads to me leaving the store with at least three.  The dilemma here really can be broken down to a positive and a negative:  negative: money; I normally prefer to pay with cash, otherwise I use the bn master card.  The problem occurs if I am trying to watch my pennies.  The positive, which is really a reversal of the negative by means of justification, is that it’s more books.  I rationalize that no money spent is wasted if it is spent on books.  So, for the sake of examples, here is how I normally end up with the extra books.  Often times, when I go in to BN I am looking for something of a particular series or genre.  After I find the book I’m looking for, my mind normally wanders to similar topics, and from there to familiar authors.  Bam, there’s book two.  Off I go in search of a specific book by a specific author.  But in my search up and down the isles, I stumble across an old classic.  Bam, there’s number three.

It is in this nature that my bookshelf has become crowded with tons of books.  Since I’m always walk out with more than I need, I leave myself buried beneath a mountain of books which I find it impossible to ever conquer.  And you know what? I’m okay with that!

Until next time…a book a day keeps the doctor away 🙂


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